PACE: Innovative Healthcare for Aging Individuals in Hudson County

Keeping seniors healthy, safe, and living independently in their own homes is our primary goal. So, before you consider nursing-home level of care, find out more about our PACE program.

Lutheran Senior LIFE brings an innovative approach, known as PACE (the federally-recognized Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) to Hudson County seniors. Our services are designed for people age 55 and older who want to remain home, but need nursing home level of care. We’ve assembled all the healthcare services you need, including access to doctors, nurses, therapies, social interactivity, and well-balanced meals into one location. Depending on your level of mobility, we either transport you to our center or bring these services directly to you in your home.

Our integrated, team-managed medical approach assesses each participant’s unique medical, emotional, and social needs in order to effectively develop a care plan that provides better quality of life. Our participants thrive in our community-centered program, which promotes structured daily routines, and planned group activities in a positive and supportive environment. This encourages our seniors to take an active role in managing their own healthcare needs.

The scope of services provided by Lutheran Senior LIFE will encompass all Medicare and Medicaid services, plus any additional services your individualized care plan includes.