Peace of Mind at a Touch: GrandPad® Tablets Assist Seniors at Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City PACE Program

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected the senior citizen community, Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City PACE Program has risen to the challenge of providing outstanding care to these most vulnerable members of our society. Lutheran Senior LIFE’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), continues to provide comprehensive healthcare and social services for seniors in Hudson County in spite of the coronavirus. When COVID-19 cases began to rise, Lutheran Senior LIFE PACE Program moved to 100 percent home-based care. From nurse calls and prescription deliveries to meal preparation and pastor visits, Lutheran Senior LIFE PACE Program now brings everything directly into seniors’ homes.

One tool that enables Lutheran Senior LIFE’s care team to continue offering the highest level of care and service is the GrandPad®, a custom-built eight-inch tablet designed to simplify digital connections for senior citizens. GrandPad provides an extra level of peace of mind for families and caregivers by bringing manageable telehealth technology right to seniors’ fingertips. Its intuitive design and ease of use make communication a breeze. With a touch of a button, seniors can see and talk to staff members, creating a virtual connection.

Designed by the developers at GrandPad.net with the mission to “improve the lives of millions of seniors by reconnecting them with their families, friends, and caregivers,” GrandPad concentrates the power of a tablet into a useful form that can immediately connect Lutheran Senior LIFE PACE Program participants with the program’s care team and other trusted contacts. The company’s on-staff gerontologist ensures that GrandPad’s features are based on cutting edge research. GrandPad is simpler than most technologies, since the entire user experience has been designed with seniors in mind.

Lutheran Senior LIFE participant uses GrandPad tablet to connect with the LIFE care team.

Features of the GrandPad include video calling, photo sharing, email, and games, all in a soft but strong protective case, and without the extra steps that can make traditional tablets so confusing for the elderly. The handy stylus and front-facing speakers facilitate seamless navigation and provide superior sound quality. Even charging the device is easy, since it includes a charging cradle that eliminates fiddling with pesky wires. The technology is routinely vetted by a team of “Grand Advisors,” seniors who test GrandPad in real world situations to make sure it meets the highest utility criteria.

Medical and social accessibility is the pimary focus of GrandPad at Lutheran Senior LIFE PACE Program. With all participants receiving in-home care during the pandemic, GrandPad allows caregivers to check in easily on them at any time of the day or night, without having to be physically present. Nurses and social workers use GrandPad to make their virtual rounds every day. The device also allows senior users to contact medical professionals with one touch for even more peace of mind.

Grandpad tablet fits comfortably in one's hand.

In addition to the health benefits of having round the clock virtual access to caregivers, GrandPad offers the PACE Program participants the opportunity to enjoy much-needed social interaction. Many seniors have been isolated from their families and friends by policies put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. GrandPad allows its users to quickly interact face to face with a real live person on their screen, combatting the loneliness and depression than can set in when stuck at home. The only people who have access to contact a GrandPad user are those people who have been added to their “Circle of Trust” contact list. This not only cuts down on the possibility of junk calls and telephone scams, but also leads to increased social interaction since users answer more calls, knowing they come from a trusted source. This added level of security is a comfort to GrandPad users and their families, who can stay in touch by accessing the free GrandPad smartphone app.

GrandPad has helped Lutheran Senior LIFE PACE Program participants cope with the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic while allowing their caregivers to provide continuous virtual health services. Lutheran Senior LIFE PACE Program uses the GrandPad to share important educational information with users and have even used the technology for the Pastor to conduct virtual prayer services. The embrace of innovative tools and technology, including the GrandPad, is just one reason Lutheran Senior LIFE’s PACE Program offers an alternative to nursing home care in Hudson County. Schedule a call today at 201-499-3900 to learn more about Lutheran Senior LIFE’s commitment to top-notch, compassionate, all-inclusive senior care — all from the comfort of home.